Stay Motivated on Keto

17 Keto Principles for Success

Embrace the 17 Keto Principles for success and you can tackle your keto transformation like a champ. 

Sounds corny, but it’s true. In fact, Keto is not for the weak. It’s more than a diet, it’s a lifestyle. 

Think of keto as more than a diet. It’s a philosophy. This will help you stay motivated as you transition towards your transformation.  

Longer term change means re-evaluating your belief systems. You have goals and a vision of how you want to change. But, often overlooked are the why’s. Define why you want to accomplish your goals.

Taking some time to investigate your what you think and WHY you think the way you do will help you maintain focus on the long-term change.

Lifestyle changes will change your life. You can ensure a sustainable focus on your goals by knowing what you believe and why you take action as you do.  Are your actions in alignment with your beliefs?

Read and Adapt the 17 Keto Principles

Read the list of 17 Keto Principles and decide if your current beliefs relate to what’s below.

If you disagree with any of the following beliefs, rewrite them to match your understanding and belief of where you are now.  

Your personal core belief will evolve over time. Experience through application has a way of helping us develop our self-awareness and wisdom. 

This is your journey. Frame it. Observe it. Reflect on it. Own it. And, don’t be afraid to revise your personal keto beliefs over time. 

Adopt the 17 Keto Principles and Succeed

17 Keto Principles for Success

17 Keto Principles

  1. Self-care is directly proportional to the quality of life
  2. Basic physiology is the same for all
  3. Bio-individuality is real
  4. A healthy liver is made in the kitchen, not in the gym
  5. Clear goals are essential to success
  6. Action is required for results
  7. Education is the first step
  8. Increasing metabolism requires proper fueling
  9. Mitochondrial function is the foundation of a strong metabolism
  10. Life balance includes play, work, and play
  11. Prevention of obesity and type two diabetes is possible through nutrition and exercise
  12. Your external environment impacts your internal systems
  13. Food is medicine that has to power to ward off the need for medical care
  14. Healing from the inside out is necessary for long-term weight loss
  15. Weight loss is a byproduct of healthy living 
  16. You are responsible for the decisions you make about your health 
  17. Your health requires your personal commitment  to self-improvement 

Establishing an understanding of your knowledge blended with experience and perspective are powerful.  When you take an introspective journey and you’re willing to examine yourself in the context of your world, in this case, the Keto World, you strengthen the potential of your progress and ultimately your success.  

Do you agree with this list of Keto Principles? Are there any you would argue.  I’d am interested to know how you would adapt the list to meet you where you are.

Please comment below and share your thoughts.  

As always,

Make happy, be love, and Keto On, my friend!!! 

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