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What is Keto Gratitude

Who are Viv and Vilma?

Welcome to TheGrattudeGirls.com. My Name is Vivian Beck. I am the creator of this site. Me along with a team of beautiful women started this site together. A a group, we noticed women need support. In the busy everyday lives of women like you an me, we are swept up in all the tasks and responsibilities of life and loved ones, we rarely take time to nurture ourselves.

TheGratitudeGirls will help you increase your level of happiness in your current life. You will also find us to be a source of inspiration as you work towards designing a life of fulfillment on your terms. H

You need to take time every day to nurture mind, body, and spirit. Our goal is to help you increase your happiness quotient through intentional development of gratitude. You’ll be given tips and insights on how to make a shift in your mindset, health, relationships, and even your environment in order to take back the power in your life and increase your confidence.

Without awareness and attention to self-care, you’re potential contribution and growth is stifled. We want you to be the empowered women you were always meant to be, so you can wake up energized and excited about the day ahead.

Foundational to your well-being is mindset. Did you know happiness has become a new area of study in the work of psychology? It’s true. You’ll get golden nuggets of information to help your develop your character strengths to help you thrive right where you are. 

But of course, we can neglect your health. If you’re struggling with your weight, your energy, or your motivation, then this is the place for you. The women who are TheGratitudeGirls have embarked on their own weight loss journeys and we are where to share our approach of regaining control of our physical bodies. The transformations of mental clarity, weight loss, and positivity are undeniable. We want to help you make a significant impact on your health as we have done for ourselves.

To support you even further in increasing your happiness and fulfillment, we’re developing a series of Life mastery Classes. These course are meant to give you a clear pathway to achieve of your goals of mental clarity, stress reduction, weight loss, and a whole lot more.

Please join us. Become part of our community. Sign up for our newsletter and get weekly motivation and tips to becoming a better version of yourself this year!

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