Going Keto for Beginners

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by Viv Beck

In the past, like you and the rest of the world, I believed the science. Science told us our brains and our genetic potentials were predetermined.

We’ve been told three lies: your brain was unchangeable, your weight and health was mostly due to genetics, and your level of performance was mostly due to effort.

“ you’re just the way you are” …  we were told.

I call BS on those beliefs.

Nice to Meet You

Keto Gratitude - Keto for Beginners

I’m Vivian Beck, founder of Keto Gratitude, and I am a teacher, motivational expert, and life hacker.

I’ve searched for and applied systems to change environments and stimulus in order to have greater control of my body, my health, and my performance, and ultimately my level for fulfillment and happiness.

To maximize your performance, you have to increase efficiency and health, and this is done with systems.

Welcome to a Better Life

I can attest first hand – you are not controlled by the brain and body nature gave you.

For over a decade, I have been pushing the envelope of common believes and brain health. Intelligence. Performance. My life experiments have led me to greater clarity, increased energy, and consistent body composition today at 52 then I had in my teens or even my 20's. I believe you can make the shift, too.

Improve your health and performance; upgrade to you 2.0

Improve Your Life and Your World Changes

Regardless of your life situation, your background, or your weight, my belief is that you have the power to improve your body and enhance your brain function by accessing untapped resources.

Money and time constraints don’t have to hinder your opportunity for significant change.

What you need to understand is this…

before you can change your body, maximize your brain, or improve the quality of your life, you must believe you do have the power to change.

Info to Get You Started on Keto

Below are articles to help you better understand the basic principles of the Ketogenic Diet.  

The first step to lasting change is knowledge. These articles spare you the fluff and give you the 411 you need to get results.

The Keto Diet

Benefits of the Keto Diet and how to Get Started: Become a fat burning machine, stop food cravings, and skyrocket energy to start enjoying life more.  The bonus is you don’t even need to count calories!

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Benefits of Keto and How to Get Strated - Keto Gratitude


Ketosis - A Beginners Guide to Keto - Keto Gratitude

How ketosis Helps You Burn Fat & Control Cravings: learn what research reveals about to ketosis to help you lose weight, increase energy, and improve cognitive function. Weight loss may be your goals, but you are going to experience real change!

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Healthy Fats

Fantastic Fats: Keto Gratitude’s Guide to Healthy Fats: Healthy fats are a foundational, essential players in the Keto Diet. But, not all fats are created equal. Learn how healthy fats help your brain function and balance your hormones.

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Keto Gratitude's guide to Healthy Fats

Keto Coffee

Getting Started with Keto Coffee Recipe

All the 411 you’ll need about Keto coffee: The background and science supporting the “fat burning" coffee. You get the one anchor recipe that will change your life, curbing your hunger each morning.

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MCT Oil Explained: No BS , there’s a lot of information available about MCT’s including many health claims this oil is special. Learn how to maximize the impact of its magic and what it means to your weight loss and health success.

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How MCT Oil Burns Fat with Ketosis - Keto Gratitude

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting: A Simple Guide - Keto Gratitude

Beginners Guide to Intermittent Fasting:   Intermittent fasting has the power to reboot your body and your health. The immune system, blood sugars, and weight loss all get recharged. Learn how to get benefits well beyond weight loss. This is an effortless way to improve health.

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How to Improve Your Sleep: Sleep is more important than you might think. Getting more sleep is literally an effortless way to decrease weight and increase performance. Improve the quality of sleep and you'll need less of it. 

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Why Sleep is Important to Help You Become a Fat Burner - Keto Graitude


What's the Ketosis and Stress Connection - Keto Gratitude

7 Ways to Hack Stress and Increase Weight Loss Results: Stress reaches out directly and impacts your gut, your brain, and your heart. Learn how to increase your immune system and increase health. Easy.

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Supplements on Keto: A Guide for Beginners: Are supplements really necessary? Learn which supplements maximize your efforts when you first start keto. You won't spend money on useless supplements that just make expensive urine.

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Essentail Supplements on Keto - Keto Gratitude

How Keto Gratitude Began

I created keto gratitude after years of researching ways to relieve chronic pain and finally finding solutions that worked with a high fat diet, modified exercises, and mental control techniques to improve overall body function. It also decreased weight and improve my levels of happiness and fulfillment resulted with less sleep.

What I accomplished was “highly unlikely“ when considered in the paradigm of current health and wellness. The tools and techniques I share to keep you informed have the potential to empower you just like they did for me.

I work on gathering relevant, sometimes controversial information and resources, and I use them to maximize my health and my performance. Not everyone wants to risk change. But, I know, if you dedicate yourself to small steps towards positive change you’ll definitely see results.

Whether you want to dive in head first or just dip your toe in the water, the keto diet is a great place to start, giving you clear and observable improvements in your energy, clarity, in weight loss in just a couple of weeks, if not days.

Leave diets of desperation behind and start designing your new keto lifestyle today.

Welcome to Your Keto Journey

how to get started on keto

Don’t be overwhelmed by the information here. Changing everything at once is not necessary. Make a commitment to yourself right now. Then commit to learn something new each week and change one behavior at a time. Compound these weekly efforts, and in a few months you’ll see a transformation and be amazed.

Get your free Keto Gratitude Quick Start guide and get information and support to help you reach your weight loss, health, and performance goals.  I’ll share new content on a regular basis, so you can successfully start your transition to the ketogenic lifestyle.

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