How Ketosis Helps You Burn Fat

How Ketosis Helps You Burn Fat, Control Cravings, and Suppress Hunger

The reason why the keto diet is so effective for losing weight is that keto and intermittent fasting helps your body move into the state of ketosis that is amazing for so many reasons.

  • Ketosis is necessary to become a fat burner rather than a sugar burner. This happens because you begin feeding your body with nutrient dense food free of toxins. Keto trains your body to process fuel the way nature intended.

Intermittent fasting and healthy fats are excellent hacks for getting into ketosis fast.

Today the ketogenic diet is searched for because of weight loss. But it was originally used in severe cases of epilepsy in the early 1900s. Today’s keto-ers are experiencing benefits beyond weight loss including mental clarity and improved physical performance.

Once you experience the positive changes you weren’t even looking for, your life will be forever changed! You may have heard about the incredible amount of weight people lose in the short term on keto. And yes, it is really possible to lose 20 pounds fast. This is why people think it’s the next fad yo-yo diet of the century.

Like in the past when I lost 67 pounds, I gained it all back. Then I lost it again… and… grained 40 pounds back. With keto, it’s different. I’ve taken it off and kept it off. I am more fit after the age of 50 than I was in the past at the age of 36. You can read about my keto transformation for the details.

Life just keeps getting better and better. I attribute this my new lifestyle that has given me a second chance.

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In this article you’ll discover why ketosis is so effective and it has worked for people across the world helping them take weight off and keep it off forever. The one major difference between this diet and others that have caused people to fail is appetite suppression.

You can give up counting calories for the rest of your life. You can actually enjoy food guilt free. You can finally stop thinking about food all the time like other diets have forced you to do and shift your focus to living rather than survival.

Keto Gratitude Beginners Guide to Keto

Here’s Why Calorie Counting Doesn’t Work

Burn Fat with Ketosis

Diet of the past have caused people to fail because the basic principles were either deprivation or lousy nutritional advice.

This poor advice led dieters to experience and endless battle with carvings and hunger. When you deprive yourself of food and nutrients, your brain responds. Starving your body of healthy fuel impacts your gut too. The result is you succumbing to what feels like severe lack of will power.

It’s not a will power issue. It’s a physiological upset that impacts your body and brain. Your internal imbalance causes your hormones to demand food, and you give in. This is the recipe for yo-yo dieting that kept me miserable for decades. Maybe you can relate.

With the help of the ketogenic diet, you never have to be a victim of that disappointment again.

Like the endless keto testimonials online that reveal how people have lost weight easily, and balanced hormone levels while controlling appetite through the ketogenic diet, the same could happen to you. If you follow the Keto Gratitude Beginners guide and eat healthy fats, get nutrients from green leafy vegetables, and use intermittent fasting, then you are going to be on the fast track to weight control by getting into the state of ketosis and experience the many benefits of keto that will change your life.

But it doesn’t have to go that way for you.

As tons of keto diet success stories have shown, it’s actually easy to lose weight, regain normal hormone levels and control your appetite through the keto diet by learning how to use ketosis to your fat-burning advantage.

People’s experiences and recent studies have revealed that when you use ketosis and you restrict calories. You will probably feel more hungry the first few days on keto. But, after a few days, your hunger will return to normal. You just have to be in ketosis for that to happen.

You don’t need to restrict calories at the beginning of keto, unless you want super fast results. I took a very disciplined approach and I lost 22 pounds in the first six weeks. I’m not saying you’re going to lose so much so quickly. It all depends on how you approach keto.

You just need to know what to eat whether you want to restrict calories or not.

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Why Ketosis Surpresses Appetite

How Ketosis Works

There are a couple of ways ketosis reduces hunger.

Following the basic principle of keto: eating more fat and cutting out pointless carbs like sugars, breads, cakes, and candy, your body begins regulating blood sugars. It’s these Standard American Diet blood sugar swings that you’re avoiding when you get into ketosis.

When sugar levels spike and drop low repeatedly throughout a day there is increased hunger and powerful cravings. That insulin roller coaster ride is what makes you feel hungry all the time. If you have these uncontrollable cravings throughout a day, you are definitely not in ketosis.

What this means is, the majority of the population is not getting the benefits of being a fat burner in the state of ketosis.

The good news is you’re here, reading this and if you decide to go keto, your body could be producing ketones in as little as 24 hours. Your cravings will decrease and eventual fade.

There is another way Ketosis suppresses those awful hunger pangs: cholecystokinin (cck) and ghrelin both work in your favor to further suppress your appetite because of the ketones moving though your bodies.

Ghrelin is a hunger hormone tells you to stop eating. CCK, coming from your gut, makes you feel full.

Ketones and CCKburn fat with ketosis keto gratitude

CCK is an important regulator of food intake. After you eat, your intestines release CKK which helps your body tell your brain you’re done.

The body also secretes CKK when you lose weight. This means you feel less satisfied with a meal after you lose weight than before you lost the weight. It’s a terrible trap.

Keto to the rescue! On keto you are empowered to control this lack of satisfaction after you eat because you’ll be eating to keep your body fat adapted.

This the very reason butter, MCT oil, and coconut oil are important on the keto diet. And, that why keto coffee is partner in weight loss It helps you sustain healthy weight and a healthy body without temptations.

Ketosis and GhrelinSuppress Appetite with Ketosis


Ghrelin’s job is to increase appetite. It starts in your stomach and is released in your gut. It causes us to eat more and use less fat for energy.

When you lose weight your ghrelin increases. It’s a survival response meant to help you keep fat on. This is why so many diets of past have failed you.

On keto, you protect yourself against ghrelin’s effort to keep you fed and fat. Consider ketosis the management tool that keeps you nourished and energized without sacrificing your health.

According to some modern research, ketosis suppresses the rise of ghrelin entirely during weight loss. When people went off  keto, their hunger increased significantly compared to the pre-weight loss hunger they felt.

Cyclical ketosis, going in and out of ketosis, can help maintain control over hunger levels and weight. You’ll get more on this later.

But just know, if you experience hunger, it means you should get into ketosis by following the guidelines so you can avoid the hell of yo-yo dieting you may have experienced in the past.

How Deep Into Ketosis Do I Need to Be?

This is a questions worth investigating. Ketones are measured in millimolars. You are considered in ketosis if you can measure even 0.1mM. In a study conducted in 2015, it was revealed that .5mM was enough to suppress appetite.

Fasting throughout the night can trigger ketosis for some people.

You can trigger ketosis even further by drinking a cup of keto coffee when you wake up. This will certainly suppress your appetite and help you burn fat in the process.

Recently I went out to dinner with friends and I knew the salad I ate, made with quinoa and veggies I don’t normally eat, would probably kick me out of ketosis.

I tested my blood in the morning, I was at .2mM. I made a keto coffee, didn’t drink or eat anything else. An hour later, I was up to .6mM, ready to take on my fast for the rest of the day. By e six that evening I was measured at .8mM.

The keto coffee was enough to raise my ketones to get into some good fat burning for 24 hours – with energy to boot!

Being in ketosis doesn’t have to be a 24/7 plan. You can easily go in and out of ketosis throughout a week and gain serious benefits using little hacks like your reliable keto coffee! Download the Keto Gratitude Quick Start Guide and experience the benefits of ketosis.

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