Avoid These Dieting Mistakes

3 Mistakes Dieters Make That Keep Them Fat and Frustrated

These dieting mistakes cause belly fat to be a long time companion. They also increase fatigue and weakness.

Too many times we think we need to cut calories and fat. This is a total fallacy!!!

Deprivation is not part of healthy weight loss EVER!!! Keep this in mind as I share the 3 mistakes women make when they diet.

Your goal with weight loss is to boost your metabolism.

This is accomplished by tending to your over all health through proper nutrition and effective movement.

Your body is a closed system influenced by both internal and external factors.

If your not healthy on the inside, it will show on the outside.You have to accept this basic truth for long term change.

Decades of bad choices won’t be healed in two weeks or two month. A healthy transformation which includes weight loss is going to take time.

Here are three things you might be doing wrong if you’re unsuccessful at losing weight.

1) Not Eating Enough

3 dieting mistakes

When you deprive yourself of calories you’re actually decreasing your metabolism. This is the exact opposite of what you want. Limiting calories may cause your body to trigger starvation mode.

The outcome is negative. Your body wants to hold on to energy rather than use it up. Storing fat becomes your body’s defense to the threat of starvation.

You also run the risk of not having proper nutrition. At the cellular level, you need to cater to your energy sources and activity where it really matters. Fix your mitochondrial function and you fix your metabolism.

Your mitochondria are your energy creators. They need proper fuel. Deny your mitochondria of nutrition and minerals they need and you you’ll fail at weight loss.

Why Food Deprivation is Bad

  • Your metabolism slows down when you don't supply nutrition to your body.
  • No eating enough cause you to store body fat.
  • Your nutrition is always compromised when you deny yourself food,

2) Exercising Too Much

3 weight loss mistakes

In the past it was believed you had to kick ass in the gym to burn more calories than you consume. The truth is, too much high intensity exercise has the potential to increase stress hormones.

Couple this with poor nutrition and limiting fuel and your body will suppress energy reserves further.

The negative impact is that your body will burn your sugar reserves first rather than burning your fat stores. This is helpful for weight lifters and extreme athletes, but not for those wanting to burn fat.

To burn fat, you want to tap into fat for fuel rather than glycogen. How you exercise should be determined by your goals, your current level of health, and your nutrition.

Remember This About Exercise

  • Power workouts aren't needed to burn fat.
  • You'll burn sugars before fat if you exercise too hard.
  • Exercise is most beneficial when it reflects your goals.

3) Ignoring Stress

3 dieting mistakes to keep you fat

Too much stress results a bigger waistline and stored belly fat. This is why stress management is so important to your health. Be aware of where stress presents itself through your day.

Do you get frustrated easily? Are lacking sleep? Does your heart rate increase when your presented with a challenge in your day?

Too much stress in the form of limited sleep and high levels of frustration causes spikes in bad hormones, specifically cortisol. This is the fight or flight hormone.

With high stress, your body defaults to defending itself from the inside out. It impacts your brain and as a result you have more cravings and weakened will power, further complicating your weight loss efforts.

Stress is Holding You Back

  • Controlling stress requires daily attention.
  • Fat storing hormones increase under stress.
  • Quality sleep helps you lose weight.

Avoid These Weight Loss Mistakes

Weight loss requires an increased awareness to your habits and your environment. Take time to reflect on what actions you're taking to lose weight.

Nutrition is foundational to your health and healing. Eat high quality foods and you'll avoid feelings of deprivation and increase your weight loss success. Consider your current health and goals when exercising.

Intensity doesn't always lead to fat burning. And, start an anti stress campaign for yourself. Sleep will improve and the fat storing hormone will decrease.

When you avoid these 3 weight loss mistakes you'll remove roadblocks that have kept you fat and frustrated in the past and lose weight with less effort. ​

Long term weight loss is the goal, and proper nutrition, appropriate exercise, and lowered stress will all help you live a healthier, slimmer life..

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