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Stop Eating Sugar and Avoid Becoming a Statistic

For most people, sugar is a significant hurdle to weight loss and improved health and they don’t even know it.

It’s used foods to help manufactured sell more products. This is true because the more sugar you eat, the more your body craves it.

Let’s be clear. Sugar is highly addictive. If you’re looking to make one change this month to impact your health there is one thing you can do to massively shift your health and tilt your state of health, longevity, and your metabolism in your favor.

Sugar lead to obesity. Obesity increases your risk of diabetes and degenerative diseases. (1)

My advice to avoid future weight loss frustration and improve your health is simple…

Stop eating sugar.

It sounds so simple. It’s only three words, “Stop Eating Sugar”‘ but what a heavy weight it carries. Sugar is everywhere, It’s hidden in food products. Did you know sugar has more than 50 names?

Stop Eating Sugar Read Labels

If you read a food label and it doesn’t have sugar in the ingredients it could be listed as something else.

Another thing you need to be aware of is that the ingredients listed on the back of food you purchase at the grocery store is listed with ingredients listed in order of amount.

This means if sugar is listed second, you better believe there’s a great deal of sugar in that product.

If it’s the last ingredient, there is less. Have you looked at a jar of tomato sauce? Some say all natural on the label and tout  themselves to be very healthy. But, the third ingredient in that tomatoes sauce is sugar.

Stop Eating Sugar and End the Addiction

Sugar is highly addictive. When you consume sugar your brain function  mirrors the very same activity as though you’re doing heroine. (2) The response that causes a lack of will power is not as much about character as it is about your physiology.

Eat sugar activates your pleasure center of the brain, or the reward system. If you find deep satisfaction from chocolate, your brain creates a connection between your emotional response and the stimulus the chocolate. This leaves you wanting more.

The more you feed your sugar habit, the bigger the sugar challenge becomes. You start to lose control, your cravings increase, and your increase your tolerance for sugar.

This means, the more you eat sugar, the more sugar you’ll need… Just like a drug addition.

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Sugar Effects the Brain

Watch this video. It’s packed with enough information to help you understand why giving up sugar is so important to your health and your weight loss.

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Is sugar natural? Yes? Does that mean it’s healthy? No! Here’s a fun fact, the average american eat approximately 154 pounds of sugar a year!. The next time you’re at the grocery store, stand in front of the sugar on the shelf. Pick up a pound of sugar.

Imagine what a stack of 154 pounds of sugar would look like in front of you? How much space would that take on the shelf..

If you eat 154 pounds of sugar, this mean you eat 12.83 pounds of sugar a month!. Each pound of sugar contain 108.86 teaspoons of sugar. That means you have the potential to eat 1397 teaspoons of sugar a month!!!

If you break that down to a daily take by teaspoon, the average American eats approximately 46.5 teaspoons of sugar a day!!!

The average American eats 46 teaspoons of sugar a day!CLICK TO TWEET

Don’t Be Average When It Comes to Sugar

How do you make sure you’re not the ‘average American” in this case?

Start increasing your awareness of sugar. Read labels. Start observing the foods you’re eating every day.

You don’t need to be eating a teaspoon of refined sugars right out of your sugar bag every day to qualify as an average American.

Cereals, dressings, milk, coffee, snacks, pizzas, ‘healthy’ breakfast bars, snacks, beverages, and seemingly ‘healthy choices’ are riddled with sugar that you don’t even assume are present.

The problem is sugars are hidden in so many foods. Even if you stay away from chocolate bars and candy chews, you’re probably eat more sugar than you thought possible.

I’m going to go out on limb here and say sugar is the reason for our nation’s rapid increase of type II diabetes. According to the CDC the occurrence of diabetes exploded since 1994.


I’ve heard a new statistic: 95% of your body is weight and the type of weight you carry is due to what you eat rather than how much you exercise.

This is much higher than what I preciously found in research where it’s claimed that 80% of your diet impacts you weight and over all health and 20% is impacted by diet and nutrition.

I’m not sure which is more accurate – heck the medical community can’t even figure it out.

What I do know is this:

We are doing something seriously wrong as nation. When you look at the statistics, and what it reveals about weight and diabetes. We should be moved to ask some serious questions. As individuals, this data should empower us to make a change.

I believe knowledge reduces Resistance, and this is why I believe this information may help you stau motivated to remain dedicated to your weight loss goals.

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Avoid Sugar and Avoid Becoming a Statistic

If you look at the historical data – our nation has become increasingly obese since the 70’s. This was the time when high fructose corn syrup was making its first impact on the food industry.

Data available at https://www.cdc.gov/diabetes/data

Before that time degenerative diseases that plague us today weren’t the threat they are today. Weight gain due to poor nutrition is suspect.

According to the CDC a man’s average weight was 166 pounds and a woman’s average weight was 140 . Fast forward to 2018.

The average man weighs 197 pounds with an average weight circumference of 40.2 inches.  and an average woman weights 170.6 with a waist of 38.6. If we’re calculating obesity based on BMI, our nation’s average is now technically obese.

The increasing rates of type II diabetes is staggering. Since the 1970’s there’s been a radical change.

We Look to the Experts For Guidance About Sugar

According to Mayo Clinic:

“Type 2 diabetes develops when the body becomes resistant to insulin or when the pancreas is unable to produce enough insulin. Exactly why this happens is unknown, although genetics and environmental factors, such as being overweight and inactive, seem to be contributing factors.”

This statement from Mayo clinic make me wonder about their stance on health and medical care. They stated “Exactly why this [diabetes] happens is unknown” … “…seem to be contributing factors” in reference to being over weight.

The majority of the cause is obesity. (3) It’s called a condition. And for  very few, obesity may be unavoidable. However, the reality is our waistlines are the result of our habits and behaviors. Habits and behaviors are personal decision. The root cause of obesity then is personal choices.

For the Mayo Clinic to claim ignorance as to the reason why our type II diabetes epidemic is on the rise is ludicrous. The public needs to be told the the truth about why 1 out of 4 people are pre-diabetic and why 2 out of every 6 people will become type II diabetics in their lifetimes.

Being informed consumer means we can make informed decisions.

Give Up Sugar and Decrease Health Risks

Diabetes is not magical mystery disease. The public needs to hear the cold hard truth. Sugar is the root cause that leads to insulin resistance that could possibly lead to type II diabetes. (4)

Consider the amount of hidden sugar in our foods. You really might be trying to make the best choice, but little do you know those snacks sold as “healthy alternatives” may be the exact reason why your fighting against weight gain and degenerative diseases.

This is why sharing information about nutrition, an area many doctors have little no training in, is very important. I want you to know how to manage your weight and ultimately your health based on information, experience and results!

Want Learn How to Give Up Sugar?

If you’re ready to make a serious change in your life and give up sugar, I commend you. It’s an awesome task with great rewards.

One way to successful stop eating sugar and break your sugar addition once and for all is learning how to become a fat burning machine.

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