Sugar and Ketosis

Why is Sugar the Devil?

Why is Refined Sugar the Devil?

It causes inflammation throughout your body leading to…

😵 wrinkles

😵 joint pain

😵 blemishes

😵 Decreases recovery of joints

😵 High blood pressure

😵 Increased risks of clots

😵 Perpetuates sugar addition

Unlike what we’ve been told, fat doesn’t cause arterial sclerosis.  Inflammation does.  Sugar causes extreme level of inflammation resulting in heart damage. Inflammations response to Sugar causes a reduction of flexibility in the arterial walls and cholesterol goes on with its job and tries to ‘patch’ the inflamed arteries.  

Cholesterol is a bandaid to the wounds caused by inflammation… caused by sugar.  

Did you know the brain has more of a response to sugar than the body? 

It’s true. 

Your brain responds to sugar like it does to heroin and alcohol. The similarities are in your dopamine receptors. 

Just like when you consume alcohol, your brain releases dopamine. A release of the feel good chemical.  Over time, you have dopamine de-sensitivity that occurs in the brain. 

Whether you drink olcohil or eat sugar, your brain releases dopamine. You experience a rush of happy.  

But, because of dopamine de-sensitivity, you need more and more of the alcohol, or the sugar in this case, to get the same happy feelings.  

Sugar then becomes a need, as far as the brain is concerned. 

But wait, there’s more. 

Your brain has opioid receptors that are effected by sugar, too. These receptors are triggered by heroin and morphine. 

Are you scared yet?…

You should be because these opioid receptors are triggered by sugar as well.  These are the centers of the brain stimulated by street drug that lead to drug addiction. 

Research shows sugar has as much impact on the brain, gram for gram, as many of those street drugs.  

If you’re not happy it maybe because of sugar…

Depression and mood disorders often cause people to eat more sugar.  But, which came first? Is a mood disorder  the result of seeking out that dopamine ‘happy’ response with sugar, or is the sugar addition the result of mood disorders? 

Research reveals there is no connection between mood disorders and sugar.  However, there IS a clear link between sugar consumption resulting in mood disorders that could potentially lead to depression.  

Knowing this information, you can now be confident and maybe even more motivated to decrease the intake of refined sugars.  

If you’re a sugar addict, it’s not to be taken lightly. Sugar is the enemy attacking your health and longevity.  

Sugar is the devil!!!

It causes you to age faster and deteriorates your body composition. It has a greater impact on the body than the average starchy carb. 

You’re already making strides towards a healthy low carb lifestyle, stay focused on the intake of refined sugars and your body will be better equipped to serve you in the long run. 

As always,

Make Happy, Be Love, and Keto On, my friend!

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