Sleep and Weight Loss is Real

Why Sleep is Necessary to Lose Weight – How Maximize Sleep

Sleep is necessary for high performance. Considering 80% of the population experiences insomnia at some point, it would be worth your time to learn about how to improve sleep.

You’ll gain benefits like improved brain function, better muscle recovery after workouts, hormone balance, and fat burning.

It’s not just about the amount of sleep you get. The quality matters too. Sleep is a bio hack you can impact your health it for free. It helps you take control of weight and over all health. .

You might be following every detail in a blueprint for healthy weight loss,, but without sleep your weight loss efforts are sabotaged.

Whether you’re following a low carb diet, exercising, or trying to reduce chronic pain, sleep deprivation erases all your efforts for progress of your goals.

You’ve heard it before. Sleep is important. The problem is life is busy and demands are high. Who has time to sleep? Insomnia is the robber of your good health,

In order to maximize the impact of sleep for weight loss, you need to be aware of a few important details. Let’s talk about them

So, what’s the deal with sleep?

Why High Quality Sleep Matters

Sleep, Decision Making and Weight Loss

Sleep matters for weight loss for two significant reasons. The first is your behavior. Sleep deprivation cause you to make bad choice… about everything, even food. People who sleep less eat more throughout the day and eat more junk food.

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The other reason sleep matters is metabolism consequences. Your food choices are already compromised poor choices. Then your body is forced to process that food less efficiently. It affects your body in these ways:

  • Alters how body processes glucose
  • Increases appetite
  • Decreases energy

Studies show sleep deprivation results is an increased risk of obesity and diabetes. The good news is these threats to your weight loss efforts can be avoided.

Sleep, Cravings, and Behavior: A Closer Look…

You have choices. To sleep or not to sleep. To eat or not to eat. Don’t take your decisions lightly. When you lack sleep, you tend to favor comfort foods, usually high in carbs, sugars, and bad fats. Cookies, pasta, pizza, chicken wings…these get more attention when sleep is limited

When energy is low, your body wants a quick boost. You give into to temptation because your body is demanding it based on the lack of sleep. Make good choices about time at rest, and your body with help you make good choices in your waking hours.

High Quality Sleep Help Control Weight

High Quality Sleep Improves Your Health

Even if you have impressive will power and you pass up the candy bar temptations and you choose not to have french fries with your meal, your body still responds negatively to minimal sleep.

Your insulin sensitivity is reduced. You won’t have the physiological ability to process carbs and sugars. Your body defaults to storing them as fat. You’ll also be hungrier as a result.

The microbiom, the bacteria balance in your gut, is impacted further complicating digestion. The gut also controls your mental state through the microbio-gut-brain axis. Studies reveals how the health of the gut impacts circadian rhythm, your sleep cycles.

Inflammation is a catalyst for many degenerative diseases. If you sleep as little as five hours a night, or if you sleep at the wrong time, your inflammation markers may increase. Inflammation further compounds avoidable issues.

Sleep loss, increases risks of cardiovascular disease, metabolic disease and neurodegenerative diseases like diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and multiple sclerosis are detrimental to longevity. Sleep equals inflammation, and inflammation can be avoided when you empower yourself with controlled sleeping habits.

How to Sleep for Weight Loss

Sleep Helps Weight Loss

The challenge is taking action and being proactive. You now know the power sleep. The question is… How are you going to make sure you’re well-rested to maximize your efforts on the keto diet? Here are some suggestions to figuring out why you don’t sleep and how to fix it.

“Just One More Thing Syndrome”

If you’re that person who looks at the clock at 1:00am and wonders where the time went you might have a problem prioritizing. You think, one more load of laundry, one more episode of your favorite television show, or one more chapter in a good book.

If this is you, sleep is clearly not a priority. If you seem to find other things to give your attention to, those other things are more important than sleep. Period.

Here are some solutions if you’re part of the “Just one more _________ club”:

If you struggle with getting sleep, here’s the good news. You can significantly improve your sleep with a few simple changes you can start today.

Read on to learn how to get deep sleep that will reward you

Make an appointment for bedtime

Importance of Sleep for Weight Loss

This is easy to implement. Count back eight hours from the time you have to wake up. If you wake up at six every morning, the time you need to be in bed is 10:00pm. Put the time on post it notes and stick them to your refrigerator, your bathroom mirror, and anywhere else you can be reminded of it.

Your goal is to make sure you get your work done before this time. Your body should be under the covers with lights out at 10:00. Set your sleep appointment and stick to it. Teenagers and adults alike have a difficult time adulting themselves when it comes to bedtime. The issue is very real and so are the consequences. Your health and weight loss depend on your sleep routine, so take it seriously.

Create a clear routine.

Improve sleep with a routine

Your brain likes routines, even when it comes to sleep. Like Pavlov’s dog who salivated every time a bell rang, your body has a similar response to routine stimulus. Your sleep appointment is 10pm. This means at 9:30 you should be engaging in before sleep activities. Every night at this time do the same thing. It might look like this:

  1. Make a cup of tea
  2. Pick out your clothes for the next day
  3. Wash your face
  4. Brush your teeth
  5. Set your alarm
  6. Get into bed
  7. While in bed practice deep breathing.

Follow the same steps every night in the same order. Just like making intentional choice on good foods for keto, you have to empower yourself through disciplined behaviors when it comes to sleep. Your brain will eventually associate this seven step nightly routine with powering down for the day.

Enact a bedroom electronics ban.

how to sleep better

Electronics give off blue light. Blue light disrupts your brain activity and keeps you alert and sensitive to stimulus even after you end your screen time. T

he worst thing you can do is lay in your bed and scroll through your feeds. This will negatively impact sleep so don’t make it part of your nightly habits.

Your phone maybe a distraction. There is a temptation to give your attention to every alert that comes in. If you’re this person, either turn off the volume or set your phone on the dresser not your night stand.

You may have a trained response to every sound that comes from your phone, but you need to break that habit and know your sleep is more important to weight loss and health than your response to a funny meme at one in the morning.

Schedule a definitive end time for work

WEeght Loss Requires Sleep

Work includes tasks that need to be done for your job and in your home. Anything you have done in the past after 10pm can be done earlier in the day.

If you don’t get a task completed, there is always tomorrow. If something is of utmost importance make it important enough to get it done before 9:30.

There is no magic here. It’s all about prioritizing and taking action like you mean it. If you think you’re just on of those people plagued with the night owl affiliation, you’re wrong.

You can, in fact, establish and stick to a more effective sleep pattern that will support your weight loss efforts if you choose to prioritize your task and attention to enhance your sleep schedule.

Take naps to recharge

Naps Help You Lose Weight

This is no shame in napping. Winston Churchill, Benjamin Franklin, and Warren Buffet all took their naps very seriously. If you’re tired during the day, and you can carve out twenty minutes of intentional bed rest. You can decrease stress hormones and recharge your battery to be more productive for the remainder of the day.

Because you’ll be more productive, napping may make prioritizing your sleep even easier. The myth of not having time for nap is dispelled when you find yourself more productive as a rest of a short sleep in the middle of the say.

Take accountability for procrastination



Most people who procrastinate feel like they’re victims of time. There’s never enough time to get everything done, they think. Making a list of things to do is not enough. You have to take action on those lists. Check off every item you complete on your list. Tackle the most important or most undesirable on your list first.

If there are items you didn’t get to, they should be those that are not attached to a time constraint (because you considered that earlier in your day and got it done already). Rewrite those items on your list for the next day. Sure as the sun will rise, the work you didn’t get done today, can be done tomorrow.

If you have medical problems causing sleep deprivation, see your doctor. Medications, sleep-apnea, and menopause are all real issues that need to be dealt with as sson as possible.

Take Control of Sleep and You Control Your Weight

There’s more to the science behind sleep and weight loss. It includes the impact on your hormones: ghrelin, leptin, cortisol, estrogen, and testosterone. YOu can find out more in another article.

For Now, Know that you have the power to hack your sleep with the information in this post and start taking control of your weight loss goals through sleep.

Find out more about how you can take control of your weight loss with a proven weight loss program and start today!

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